Noise and silence

A salt marsh with green growth and muddy channels

There is, I have realised, no such thing as absolute silence. There is always sound. In an enclosed space with thick walls, there is still noise. As Suzanne Vega sang, Blood Makes Noise.

Sea Inside Us All

Musician Martyn Ware has just released an 82-minute soundscape inspired by the sounds of the coast, following the ‘Sounds of Our Shores’ campaign that was run by the National Trust, British Library and National Trust for Scotland in 2015 and sought to crowdsource sounds that summed up the coast. You can almost smell the chips …

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I’ve recorded a couple of things just recently, so I thought I’d share one of them, the sound of bellbirds singing in the evening. More soon, I know, I’m being rubbish with keeping the blog up to date again.