Noise and silence

A salt marsh with green growth and muddy channels

There is, I have realised, no such thing as absolute silence. There is always sound. In an enclosed space with thick walls, there is still noise. As Suzanne Vega sang, Blood Makes Noise.

Being in nature does you good

Mossy green woodland floor with conifer trees towering overhead

Once more, for those at the back: Prescriptions encouraging people to spend more time in nature are linked to reduced blood pressure and improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms, according to new analysis. Prescribed time in nature linked to improvements in anxiety, depression and blood pressure I wrote about the various benefits of being in …

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Creating new hedgerows in Norfolk

A newly planted hedge

I’m just back from the beautiful North Norfolk coast, where I have been working alongside Deepdale Backpackers and Camping to develop and lead their latest conservation weekend, planting native species hedgerows. This is the third year that Wild Influence has worked with the team at Deepdale to deliver works on the campsite and farm all …

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Nature, the original National Health Service

30 Days Wild is a simple idea; get outside and see something, do something with nature every day during June. On the first day, I listened to a robin singing. On the second day, my college class made charcoal and I took a walk in the woods. Civilisation is but a flimsy dust sheet that we …

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No more antibiotics

depth photography of blue and white medication pill

Why we’re running out of effective antibiotics – in between 10 and 20 years time, all bacteria may be antibiotic resistant. That means that dangerous infections like Tuberculosis grow a lot more dangerous, and minor ailments like strep throat or an ear infection become killers. Alanna Shaikh explains what this means and how an innovative approach to …

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