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I started a newsletter. It’s called The Good File – occasional updates on what I’ve been up to, good things I’ve seen online and useful things for pragmatic optimists. You can sign up here, and read the latest addition to the file.

Six Inches of Soil

The new trailer for Six Inches of Soil, the film looking at the regenerative farming movement in the UK, is out. It looks great.

The Six Inches of Soil trailer

The UK premiere of Six Inches of Soil will be at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2024. Further screenings throughout 2024 will take place on farms, in cinemas and many other venues – see the Six Inches of Soil website for screening dates and further info.

A good quote on just getting on with it

A handful of beans

I enjoyed this, from Dr EE Schumacher’s foreword to John Seymour’s Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency. ..nothing can stop the flowering of a society that manages to give free rein to the creativity of its people – all its people. This cannot be ordered and organized from the top. We cannot look to government, but only …

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The future of Biodiversity Net Gain

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is England’s new statutory tool to prevent biodiversity loss due to development, and it is being talked about as a powerful new tool for nature recovery and a way to funnel private investment into doing it. It’s going to be mandatory from January 2024 (delayed from November 2023) for most developments …

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Making social less rubbish

When over 100 million people have now joined Meta’s new Threads hoping for an alternative to the now comically insane Twitter, maybe think about taking a break from social altogether. A break from social media is good for your health. I came off all social media for several weeks earlier this year. It was a …

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