All change

Geese fly over Burnham Deepdale

Today is my last day at social innovation foundation Nesta, where I’ve been covering maternity leave since April 2018. There wasn’t some kind of abnormally long gestation; I sort of ended up covering a couple of people’s maternity leave. Work at Nesta started out as a necessity, to give me …

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View from the District Line

In a recent job interview, I was asked: “So you’ve been working as a freelancer, and you’ve been outside a fair bit – how do you feel about commuting into the office five days a week?” “I don’t want to,” I blurted.¬†Shit, you’re probably not supposed to say that in …

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Photoshop idiot

I got sucked into a Twitter thing. #ReplaceTheHeadsOfMusiciansOnAlbumCoversWithSitcomCharacters.