“At least we fed the hippos”

“What you do [to provide better aid is] you shut up. You never arrive in a community with any ideas.” Ernesto Sirolli An often funny TED talk from Ernesto Sirolli on listening to communities in development, which also emphasises the importance of consulting entrepreneurs.

Embedding dignity in development

‘A Day Without Dignity‘ was established to provide a counterbalance to the popular image of people in the developing world as hopeless, helpless, and in need of ‘saving’ by affluent Westerners. The latest of these images to be shared around the world are of Ugandans, apparently powerless against the warlord Joseph Kony, waiting for salvation …

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Community development projects start here

A community of people is gathered sat and standing around an open space

I took this photo this morning (it’s actually a composite of ten photos). This is a village meeting with some of the residents of a cocoa growing community near Nsuta. Click to embiggen. I’ve already blogged about a village meeting – timekeeping issues and the like. The image above acts as a kind of roll call. But …

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We’ve met with several communities recently who have requested assistance, or who have previously received assistance and now want to discuss further development needs. The first part of the process is getting to know them. While a baseline survey will eventually yield solid data about a village, we start by asking them to tell us …

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