Six Inches of Soil

The new trailer for Six Inches of Soil, the film looking at the regenerative farming movement in the UK, is out. It looks great.

The Six Inches of Soil trailer

The UK premiere of Six Inches of Soil will be at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2024. Further screenings throughout 2024 will take place on farms, in cinemas and many other venues – see the Six Inches of Soil website for screening dates and further info.

How can regenerative food systems create resilience in the face of the climate crisis?

Seedlings growing in a field

I was recently reminded of this episode of the regenagri podcast that I was on with food hero Josiah Meldrum last year. We explored how the climate crisis is already impacting the reality of food production. I shared first-hand experience of droughts and extreme rainfall on Deepdale Farm and Josiah spoke about the history of Hodmedods, …

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Sharing data and methodology for a farm invertebrate survey

A bee on clover flowers

Deepdale Farm have recently shared the findings and methodology for a series of invertebrate surveys conducted in 2022. These surveys gathered valuable information on the variety of invertebrate species found on the farm including 36 species with a measure of conservation status. In 2020, Deepdale Farm entered organic conversion and took 60% of the farmed …

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Ashanti Development working with farming communities in Ghana

Two people sit by their crop in a field

I really enjoyed catching up with Penny and Nicholas from Ashanti Development at the weekend for a chat about their progress. Ashanti Development has been working in the Ashanti region of Ghana for approaching 20 years, engaging with an ever-expanding number of communities and providing support with water and sanitation, education, healthcare, tree planting and farming. Communities gain the knowledge to …

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