Making social less rubbish

When over 100 million people have now joined Meta’s new Threads hoping for an alternative to the now comically insane Twitter, maybe think about taking a break from social altogether. A break from social media is good for your health. I came off all social media for several weeks earlier this year. It was a …

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Twitter, the pub on the digital town square

A crowded pub

The pub that is The Twitter Arms has been extended a lot over the past sixteen years from a niche bar populated by a few curious souls. When we first went there, it was friendly and new. It’s always exciting to find a cool new little bar. Newer people through the door have no idea …

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Blogging development – advice from people who do it

person holding apple magic mouse

The international development community is active, passionate, switched on to new technology, and generally pretty cool with newbies. So if you’re interested in development and you have something to say, you might consider blogging. There’s a lot of advice on the internet, particularly about blogging. If you removed all of the blog entries with bulleted …

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