I’ve recorded a couple of things just recently, so I thought I’d share one of them, the sound of bellbirds singing in the evening. More soon, I know, I’m being rubbish with keeping the blog up to date again.

Doubtful Fantastic

A dolphin leaps from water

I’m currently esconsed in Wanaka, a very pleasant and relaxed little town towards the West Coast, after spending about two hours in Queenstown, which was definitely not my kind of place. More soon on Doubtful Sound and recent goings-on.

Kia Ora pt II

After I picked up the van from Christchurch about a week and a half ago now, I drove out to Akaroa on the Banks Peninsula, a small town with a Maori name but French street names, something I never quite got to the bottom of. Akaroa set the tone for the standard New Zealand tourist …

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Kia Ora pt I

I whinged about the price of Internet access in the last post as many places in New Zealand have coin-operated Internet PCs, which demand you pump in another two dollars every ten minutes or so. It’s like playing some greedy arcade game, even more frustrating when I take hours on end carefully uploading and captioning …

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Shortest blog entry yet

Internet access in New Zealand a rip off. Have 57 seconds left. Aaargh. Will post soon, still alive, New Zealand beautiful, driving a van, cooking on gas. Kisses, N.