Stuck in the mud!

I recently travelled out to Nyamebekyere, one of the most remote villages in the cluster, for a series of community focus groups with my colleague Eric.  Unusually, we had a driver who was new to the cluster and he was driving an automatic, but we thought nothing of it at the time. Hot and tired, …

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Bednets in Nyamebyekyere

I recently joined some MVP colleagues to help distribute bednets in one of the more remote communities in the cluster. After 1.5 hours of driving along very bumpy roads, re-routing because of flooding and almost having to swim the last few metres to the village, we arrived. Our day was spent slowly moving between each …

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African skies

One of the best things about living in Ghana is that quite frequently, there are the most spectacular skies and sunsets. Perhaps this is because we are closer to the equator, or there’s less pollution or fewer buildings but whatever the cause, here are a few of my favourites so far.

Busua and Butre

We recently had the chance to leave Kumasi and travel to Ghana’s coast for a short break. It was great to have a change of scene and see more of the country. We began with a night in Accra celebrating our engagement and toasting some good friends who were shortly returning to the USA. It …

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Bl**dy massive snake!

I know, I know….no posts from me for ages and then 2 in 1 day! So….a few weeks ago we’re driving between villages and the driver suddenly slams on the brakes and reverses. He points across into a field and there before us is a bl**dy massive snake! The driver thought it was probably some …

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The Oldest Woman in the World

Communities here will traditionally advertise when someone has died and when the funeral and wake will be. When you drive through the villages you frequently see large posters like this along the road. I drive past this one twice a day when I go to and from work, and it always makes me smile as …

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