A good quote on just getting on with it

I enjoyed this, from Dr EE Schumacher’s foreword to John Seymour’s Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency.

..nothing can stop the flowering of a society that manages to give free rein to the creativity of its people – all its people. This cannot be ordered and organized from the top. We cannot look to government, but only to ourselves, to bring about such a state of affairs. Nor should anyone of us go on “waiting for Godot”, because Godot never comes. It is interesting to think of all the “Godots” modern humanity is waiting for: this or that fantastic technical breakthrough or automation so that nobody, or hardly anybody, will have to lift a finger anymore; government policies to solve all problems once and for all: multinational companies to make massive investments in the latest and best technologies; or simply “the next upturn in the economy”.

Dr EE Schumacher

As the saying goes, be the change you want to see in the world.

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