Four weeks to go…

There’s four weeks to go at LU now – not long given that I’m only there for three days a week. After such a long time of feeling stressed out and bogged down by the job, I’m finally enjoying myself again – partly because the end is in sight. It’s nice to think that, for the first time in a while, I should be able to leave the job happy and on good terms… but then I do have four weeks to go, so I could still cock it all up.

It’s now time to start panicking about something else though – the itinerary I had in mind for the RTW trip is looking increasingly unfeasible, having tried a few online route planners, and having looked at the hubs used by the airlines I’d likely use. As an example, I chose to visit Bratislava and then move on to Istanbul and India, but in order to get to India from Istanbul, the Star Alliance round the world route planning software I was using suggested I had to go all the way back to Frankfurt from Istanbul just to get to India! I’m sure this isn’t necessary and assume I can go through Abu Dhabi to get to India, but will need to speak to someone at Trailfinders. I’ve left getting the ticket for far too long and just need to get the stupid thing, quit fannying about. As for the vaccinations, that’s another to-do on the list I can’t leave any longer.

Still, at least I have a target to aim for – on 30 January 2005 I start two weeks volunteer work with Aidcamps in Pettai, Tamil Nadu. I have high hopes for the trip – that it is worthwhile, fun, challenging, rewarding, a good induction to India. We’ll have to see.

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  1. I’m sure you can’t wait to squat over a hole in the ground in the 100 degree heat before your tepid shower! Makes my problems seem innocuous. Good luck and stop procrastinating!


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