Guardian of the house

This handsome devil, an agama, is always at our gate. Kofi, Philip and Richard do a great job of looking after the house but it’s just possible that this guy’s in charge.

Bednets in Nyamebyekyere

I recently joined some MVP colleagues to help distribute bednets in one of the more remote communities in the cluster. After 1.5 hours of driving along very bumpy roads, re-routing because of flooding and almost having to swim the last few metres to the village, we arrived. Our day was spent slowly moving between each …

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Not counting

All of a sudden, we’re returning to the UK in just over seven weeks. Six months is nothing. Six months is nothing but it seems like ages ago that we watched the London riots on CNN and wondered what the hell was going on, even longer since we spent three days running around like blue-arsed …

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On visits to communities, we often notice that people store things in their toilets. Like toilet paper. Sometimes used, kept in a basket, and occasionally tipped out behind the toilet and burnt. This despite us telling people to throw the paper down the toilet when they’ve used it. Sometimes people store other things. Timber. Medicine. Food. One …

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