Late night visitor

(Don’t worry N, you have nothing to worry about….)

I have a fairly high tolerance for “nature” (with the exception of leeches – aaaah !) but found that I could not ignore the rustling that I heard at c.3am this morning. I had woken up due to the heat (fairly normal) and decided that I had to investigate….

As I turned on the bedside light a shadowy figure on the table near the wall froze….and I’m not sure who was more tense out of the 2 of us. I could see I had a small visitor and the penny immediately dropped. I had left some uneaten food in a plastic box – in a bag – on the table – and the smell had obviously caused some interest. As I moved slightly closer, my guest rustled around and then revealed him/herself to be a small and rather cute mouse!

Whilst slightly freaked out, I couldn’t be angry as it was my own fault for leaving the food out, but immediately put the remains outside my room.

Having thought this would be the end of the visit I went back to bed, but then heard further rustling and realised that my visitor was interested in clambering all over my rucksacks –  I imagine this was to see if anything else was “nibble-able”. I discovered that clapping a few times seems to scare them away, but ultimately I’m not too concerned – and as my actions encouraged the mouse to visit, I can’t really blame them !

Watch this space to see if it was a one-off midnight noms exploration or if I am going to have a regular visitor….