Very important updates

I need to share this stuff.

A guy called Nathan Nelson applied for a job as a stacker at the Harris Ranch Beef Company in California. I know this because he used my email address for the application. I hope he gets the job but if they want to get in touch with him I’m not forwarding the emails, mainly because I don’t know how to get hold of him. For some reason, a lot of Nathan Nelsons (there are a lot) think my email address is their email address. Email is stupid.

Seed compost is a waste of money.

A friend’s three-year-old picked all the tomatoes off one of my plants and stuffed them down the drain with two paintbrushes and an unripe strawberry. She at first denied it, blaming the cat, before admitting her misdemeanour, explaining that she had been “cooking”. The entertainment value of all this was worth more than the tomatoes. I am done trying to grow tomatoes.

I sort of regret deleting year’s worth of old blog posts when I trashed my old website, but at least my old backpacking blog still lingers around on the Interweb.

I’ve started waking up earlier and earlier and I’m just going with it.

Finally, I’ve just eaten jelly for breakfast. Having my six-year-old niece to stay is awesome.

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