Six Inches of Soil

The new trailer for Six Inches of Soil, the film looking at the regenerative farming movement in the UK, is out. It looks great.

The Six Inches of Soil trailer

The UK premiere of Six Inches of Soil will be at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2024. Further screenings throughout 2024 will take place on farms, in cinemas and many other venues – see the Six Inches of Soil website for screening dates and further info.

Postcard from Cambodia

I’ve had a load of video footage sitting around for ages taken in 2008 with the young adults at the Sangkheum Center – the group wrote and presented their own ‘Postcard from Cambodia’ where they wanted to tell people about Cambodia, Siem Reap, school, food and what they enjoyed. They wrote it themselves, presented it themselves and filmed a lot of it themselves. We watched all of it at the time but I’ve only just had the time and tools to finally edit the film together to the script they wrote – and had a great time doing it.

Put the crappy video quality down to a poor camcorder purchasing decision on my part. Put the crappy editing down to me.

HOPE for Cambodia is supporting youth development projects like this in Cambodia right now – please see more at GlobalGiving and consider donating to help them out.