Travelling bloggers take over

Friends are away travelling at the moment, and they’re blogging like crazy. This is great because I’m getting to travel further, vicariously, through them (and I swear they’re all seeing more and having a better time than I did), and it’s also great because I’m spared getting those ‘biblical epic’ e-mails detailing what someone had for breakfast and how hilarious it was when they fell off an elephant or something. If most people are honest, they ignore travel e-mails, or they’re busy at work and leave the e-mails to slip out of view in the Inbox, returning to them three months later when the person who wrote it has probably got back anyway. A blog is always there and doesn’t ask anything of you – much more inviting.

Matt and Michelle are currently enjoying the sight of vomiting Japanese tourists in Australia, and are keeping a blog… Jon, Tim and Chrissie (aka the band Approach) are doing the same, and about to head to New Zealand in their bid to take their band’s unique sound to the Antipodes.

I had a shock today. A parcel of wall hangings I bought in Kerala in February of last year, nearly a year ago now, and had posted to the UK, arrived today, a long time after I’d assumed it had disappeared into the ether. That must be some kind of record.

I’m getting around to posting on Bolivia. It’s a crazy, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants tale of loony tour guides, dodgy food and table football. Watch this space.