I’m a fussy bugger at the best of times, and constantly checking out new innovations on the net and in technology, so with the trip next year, it’s been fun to check out services I can use while I’m away. I have to find some way of keeping techie toys working for me – I’ll be without my laptop, and mum suggests I’ll need to be surgically removed from it before getting on the plane.

I’m settling for a combination of Gmail, Hotmail and my own Wizwow e-mail accounts, which is a pain in the neck, but they’re each good for different things – I’ve got enough storage between all of them to keep my whole life online while I’m off. Gmail is very promising indeed so far, very intuitive to use and very simple. I’ve also found a fantastic tool for storing and displaying photos online, Flickr – it’s easier to use than anything else I’ve seen, with one of the best facilities being the ability to e-mail photos to the service and, in turn, have it publish them to this blog. This is all no doubt hopelessly boring if you’re not fussed about techie stuff!