Today’s achievements

  1. I went to Barclays Bank to hand in some forms. Barclays are still practicing Victorian style banking, I swear I saw a wizened old man on a stool in the back of the branch, cleaning his quill. They have all of my money and they still charge me for every little thing they can. Does anybody actually like their bank?
  2. I watched a bit more of the Matrix trilogy backwards – I started with Revolutions and just saw Reloaded, then will see the Matrix. This way the trilogy gets better as you go along and makes more sense, and Keanu Reeves gets less annoying all the time.
  3. I decided that my favourite word at the moment is ‘recalcitrant’.
  4. Got travel insurance from Endsleigh for the trip – at just over £300 not cheap, but quite comprehensive. Allows me to take two bungee jumps, swear at some Italians, and drink the local water at least once. Or maybe just that first one.

1 thought on “Today’s achievements”

  1. ahem…may I remind you of my frequent bank rants whilst in Canada. I nearly had a “falling down” episode one time and had to seriously talk myself down from attacking someone and breaking stuff.

    I love my bank (HSBC) and you will too if you ever have to bank in any other country, especially Canada.

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