The Da Vinci Code

This article on Empire Online reveals that Tom Hanks has been cast in the part of Robert Langdon in Ron Howard’s upcoming film version of the Da Vinci Code – not a big surprise. Even though Robert Langdon is described as ‘Harrison Ford in Harris Tweed’ in the book, Ford’s knocking on a bit.

Even less surprising is the fact that Jean Reno is being touted for the part of Bezu Fache – I kept seeing Reno’s face and hearing his voice when I was reading the book, it seemed inevitable that any movie adaptation would use Reno to play Fache; even though he might not be a perfect physical match to Fache’s towering, broad-necked detective, the gruff voice is there. When I was reading the Da Vinci Code, I kept thinking of it as a movie, and I’m sure Dan Brown did when he wrote it, fat cheques for the movie rights in mind.

Other likely castings? How about John Hurt as Leigh Teabing (surely!), Jake Busey as Silas (maybe not!), and as for Sophie Nevue… Emmanuel Béart too obvious? This is all bearing in mind that the average film goer only knows about three French actors…

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