Sleeping in Airports

The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Sleeping in Airports provides info and ratings on sleeping in airports, something I was considering as an option for when I arrive at Mumbai. I get there after midnight, and then allowing for immigration, customs, losing my bag and getting generally lost, it’ll be three until I’m fully checked in. Here’s me also naively thinking that getting into to Mumbai after midnight would be really quiet because it was the middle of the night. Bloody idiot I am, ALL the flights get in then! I’ve then got a flight out the domestic terminal at 10:40 the same morning I arrive, down to Trivandrum, so have around five or six hours to kill. IndiaMike has also proved to be a very useful source of info, but every experience is different for every person, so who knows what advice to follow.

Mmm. Sit in the airport and try and find a chai and read a book, or get a taxi to the Holiday Inn and spend $100 on a room I only get to use for four hours but at least I get a shower… what to do?!