Six Inches of Soil

The new trailer for Six Inches of Soil, the film looking at the regenerative farming movement in the UK, is out. It looks great.

The Six Inches of Soil trailer

The UK premiere of Six Inches of Soil will be at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January 2024. Further screenings throughout 2024 will take place on farms, in cinemas and many other venues – see the Six Inches of Soil website for screening dates and further info.

2 thoughts on “Six Inches of Soil”

    • The whole production has been crowdfunded, it isn’t being produced by a studio, showings are down to organisations and venues taking an interest and in many cases events being built around showings to allow for discussion. I’m sure TV is something they must have considered and that depends on the film being picked up by a network, but maybe we need to give it a chance to go round community screenings first!


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