Saying No

Filming Bollywood
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I’ve uploaded a few new pics, but Hampi is not exactly on the information superhighway – more like a lay-by – so not too many pics yet as it takes forever! This one is of filming of a new movie at the AVM studios, Chennai – Tamil Nadu has its own center of film-making to rival Mumbai.

India teaches you to say no, that’s what I’ve learnt through extensive practise so far:

No, no sandals thanks.
No, no rickshaw. Thank you.
No, no postcards.
No, no, no, I will not pay you 150 rupees for a rickshaw just down the road.
No, I don’t need a tour guide, thanks.
No, sorry, I have no foreign coins.
Or Indian ones.
No, I have no school pens. Sorry.
No, I really don’t need a rickshaw.
No, no passion fruit, papaya, mango or pineapple needed thank you.

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  1. No, me neither – but i can’t watch question time so much of the time when they ship as many nutters in as they do… it’s like high-brow Trisha…


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