Raining coconuts

Waiting for a free computer outside the Internet cafe just now, it started raining coconuts – a skinny old dude in a dothie (so that narrows it down to about a million people around here) was cutting them out of the palm tree above. They land with such force, the ground shakes.

Now things are quietening down in Kovalam, with people dwindling away and Iris leaving tonight, I’ve got more time to think about what’s next – staying out of the sun as I’ve burnt, planning the next leg of the trip to Chennai to see Rachel, and getting a trip on the backwaters. I turn 30 in four days, and it really is on the bottom of my list of priorities!

Giving me presents is obviously a bit tricky, so spend what you would have spent on me, and a bit extra maybe, on a donation to Salt of the Earth.

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