Radio belching

I went for my fifteen minutes of minor local recognition at BBC Radio Suffolk, and it all went quite well! Managed to get a good plug in for Aidcamps, and Salt of the Earth (the UK fundraiser for SCAD).

When I was sat in the green room outside the studio, I saw the red light was off (this means that the studio is off-air, such as when the news is being read), and heard the most gigantic belch come from inside the studio. Think the presenter was getting it out of his system. Then the red light came back on and he read some sports news. Then it went off, and I heard hacking, coughing and snorting. Red light back on, travel news. Red light off, throat clearing. By the time I went in, he had it pretty much under control.

Charlotte Cook is blogging, and she’s only just been born. Clever baby!

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