Mouth painting and the sound that swept the 70′s

I took a brief trip this morning with Chris, the proprietor of Four Villages Inn, to the Alliance Français to see an exhibition by Ghanaian artist Joel K. Acheampong, who paints with his mouth. We’d just missed the exhibition but there were still paintings on the walls, despite his apparently having sold several.

There are more photos of the opening here, and I hope Joel doesn’t mind me showing photos of his paintings.

Yesterday I visited the National Cultural Centre in Kumasi, a wonderfully laid back place with workshops, galleries and a small museum. On the way out I saw a music stall with a stack of speakers taller than me, playing tunes that the four guys who were sitting around were all singing along to – so I bought the CD, Asomdwee Hene by The Great Pilsners Band, the album of the year in 1978:

The Great Pilsners Band – Odo Ntease