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Kovalam fishing boats
Originally uploaded by Natmandu.

Some more pics on Flickr for your delectation, just none of my sunburnt nose.

I was walking about today and got offered shark and barracuda for my dinner. What is this thing about eating things that sound hard? Do people need to feel the satisfaction of eating something they could get into a fight with? “Yeah, last night I ate a shark, a bear, a crocodile, and a Tottenham supporter”.

I’m leaving Kovalam this Friday (to be honest I was getting a little bored, and the beach touts do your head in) and heading to Chennai (Madras), back in Tamil Nadu. After Chennai it’s Hampi, Goa if I feel like it, and then north, to Agra and Rajasthan…

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  1. Happy Birthday in case you don’t get my E-card…entering your fourth decade whilst marching through the colonies…what better place to be…marvellous!

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