Letting the pictures do the talking

Sunrise at Uluru
Originally uploaded by Big Trippy Nathan.

I’ve just got to Cairns after flying here today from Alice Springs, following a three-day trip to see Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. I’ve seen some of the most stunning sights so far on this trip, and colours so vivid they punch you in the face.

Uluru and the surrounding area was very beautiful, but very, very empty. Cars were few and far between on the long, long roads, and small settlements such as Mount Ebeneezer and Erldunda popped up out of the landscape once in a blue moon. The outback is stunning, harsh, and empty, and the scale of things blows your mind. The drive from Alice Springs to Uluru alone is several hours over several hundred kilometers.

Anyway, now it’s Cairns, and tomorrow a trip to Cape Tribulation. Cairns is easy-going, packed to the rafters with backpackers, and music is coming from everywhere. The hostel I’m in is like a small town on its own.

Enough for now – take a look at the latest pictures in the photo album, all with notes, so it’s a bit like sitting through a slide show, but if you get bored you can come back to it later…

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  1. reminds me of my time in Utah/Arizona…similar landscape and similar desolation. You can count the cars that you pass on one hand and you can see them coming 5 mins before as it’s so flat and straight. I’ll have to show you the pics one day unless you’re still traumatised from my “when i was in America” days?

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