Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies

This is such sad news, what a shock! He apparently died of a heart attack while having the holiday of a lifetime with his wife in Peru. John Peel was a fantastic presenter, so funny, while maintaining the deadpan expression and tone of a curmudgeonly old uncle. Home Truths was fantastic, and Peel was about the only reason I would tune in to Radio 1 any more.

2 thoughts on “Legendary radio DJ John Peel dies”

  1. crap…who’s going to play German techno, American punk, Mexican death metal and Moldovan folk music now? Radio 1 might as well fold. The geezer will be sorely missed, I hope they turn his record collection into a museum or something.

  2. I was in hysterics listening to Radio 1 one night, when Peel introduced a new record by a Japanese thrash metal band called Piss. He said it like it wasn’t the most ridiculous name for a band ever. I suppose one of the reasons it’s such a shock that he’s dead is because his taste in music, his enthusiasm for music of such diverse genres, made him seem much younger than he was. Hearing that he died aged 65, I don’t know what’s the stranger – that he’s dead, or that he was 65.


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