Leaving Hampi

I’m off to Goa tonight after five (or was it six) great days in Hampi – Hampi is a fantastic place. It’s a bit like India with the sound turned down, and the landscape, temples and shrines are amazing.

The Mango Tree wins the award for the best view from a restaurant ever – a really cool, relaxed place with terraced platforms overlooking paddy fields and a river. While at the Mango Tree the other day I did however get a huge shock when what I thought was a tree branch fell on my head – I then looked at the tree branch to find it staring back at me – it was a lizard, sixteen inches from head to tail, which must have taken a clumsy step in the mango tree above me, and fell twenty-five feet onto me. Rather than showing any gratitude to me for breaking its fall, it looked at me as if to say “what the hell are you doing there?”.

So it’s Goa next – and we’ll see about the all-night raving…

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