Jabs and radio celeb!

Three more jabs today – Rabies, Hepatitis A and B, and Japanese Encephalitis. I also got a cholera vaccine called Dukoral that you have to keep in the fridge, that comprises a sachet of powder you have to mix with a small vial of liquid – all a bit complicated, but apparently tastes like strawberries. I’m willing to bet it actually tastes more like what strawberries would taste like if they tasted like medicine.

My best piece of medical advice so far – if you get bitten by a dog, take it with you to hospital, dead or alive.

I had a bit of a surprise today – I’ve been asked to go and speak on BBC Radio Suffolk this Sunday morning. My mum is a bit of a regular on that station, and told one of the presenters I was going out to India to volunteer last year – then in the light of the Tsunami, they’ve decided to get me in to talk about it. I’m hoping 1) I manage to plug the charity out in India so people donate some money to them, 2) I don’t talk utter rubbish and make a tool of myself.

If you want to listen, it’ll be on about 8:45 Sunday morning – you can listen over the web on www.bbc.co.uk/england/radiosuffolk.

By the way, great song of the moment: Supergrass, Kiss of Life. What a tune!