Is she a Goa? Eh? Nudge nudge?

Sorry, that was my worst blog title yet.

I’m in Palolem, Goa, after having had a few separate recommendations to come here – and for the first couple of days I’ve hated it. It seems that there is nothing for you to do here unless you’re on honeymoon, with a mate, want nothing more than to toast your skin under the sun and buy beads, or stand on the beach in the morning doing silly yoga exercises. I got into a little hut on the northern end of the beach at Cozy Nook – a nice little chilled-out place – and seem to have been in a foul mood since, even though kittens gambol merrily about you as you eat your breakfast and the sea is just a stone’s throw away.

I thought this was because Palolem was useless – and it isn’t, not really. The beach is stunning – a curve of white sand, shallow warm waters and gentle waves, fringed by swaying palm trees and capped at either end by rocky promontories, at one end a forested hill which allows for an incredible view over the sea. I had expected, rather naively maybe, that this would be a chilled-out haunt for weary travellers, with many a friendly face eager to share a cool Kingfisher beer and discuss the joys and pains of life on the road. Nah. It’s not like that, not that I’ve seen. Maybe if I got for a yoga course and stand on the beach like a tit waving my arms about that would help? Well I tell ya, it ain’t gonna happen.

Having been a miserable old git here for two days, and those closest to me will know just how this manifests itself, I told myself off this morning. I’m new to travelling – I don’t want to labour the point but I haven’t ever really been anywhere, and certainly not entirely under my own steam. I suppose I’m learning that in order to enjoy myself, see more, meet people, take more interesting photos, get more exercise and generally be more satisfied, I have to actually go and find things to do. “Well duh! Nice one Sherlock!” I hear you mutter. Well it’s fair enough – I do expect far too much to be presented to me on a silver platter. So this I suppose is part of the learning curve – that travelling is not just about getting to the next place and then sitting there, it’s also about arranging your own itinerary when you get there. It’s either that or go on package tours. Well I tell ya, that ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway, Internet speeds in Palolem are about as quick as it takes to get served a meal in the evening – i.e. not that quick. Therefore I’m hoping to find a fast Internet cafe in Mumbai, my next stop, to upload a load of pics I’ve taken in Karnataka and Goa.

4 thoughts on “Is she a Goa? Eh? Nudge nudge?”

  1. If you’re still around Goa – try Anjuna Market and get there by a small boat (can’t remember what they’re called). The sights, sounds and smells are amazing.

  2. Perhaps I’m not qualified to comment, as I never go anywhere, but I don’t understand the attraction of going on holiday to a beach somewhere and just hanging around. I mean, you can read a book at home, at far less expense. Boring is boring, wherever you are.

  3. Nathan -I’ve only been to Goa once, at the end of a motorbike trip – it was supposed to be a chilled out few days but my reaction was very like yours. There’s something about western pseudo yogis that gets right up my nose… not wishing to be judgemental or anything.

  4. Anjuna Market I’ve heard good things about, so will see if I can do it tomorrow…. I’m leaving Palolem tomorrow for Panjim and Old Goa which I am looking forward to seeing, and then flying to Mumbai on Monday, to see the Elora Caves before going to Rajasthan… cheers Danbo…

    I tried sunbathing while I was here – a combination of very fair skin and increased sensitivity to sunlight caused by Doxycycline just means I’ve been sunburnt to buggery over the last few days. I’m now bathing in Nivea aftersun.

    I agree with you completely Ian – but the yogis do provide some amusement… I have to resit the urge to shout “Have you seen what you look like tottering about on one foot like you’re trying to do that pose from Karate Kid?”

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