India trivia

Yes folks, it’s trivia time.

  • Indian off-licenses are called Wine Shops. They don’t however really sell any wine, it’s all spirits and beer.
  • The main beer found in India is Kingfisher. It is brewed in several places across India, usually by state, and is sold even in places that are supposedly ‘dry’. If you order a Kingfisher in a ‘dry’ place, you may have to hide the bottle under your table and tell any passing policeman you bought it yourself, or you may be served your beer in a teapot and teacups. Some Kingfisher contains large quantities of glycerine preservative, which may be removed by upending the bottle in a glass of water – you can then watch the glycerine ‘fall’ out of the beer into the water below, as it is heavier, and enjoy a lighter beer for it.
  • My beard stubborly refuses to come out a normal colour – it is a mixture of black, brown, ginger and white. I intend to investigate whether there is any history of cross-breeding with tortoiseshell cats in my family.
  • Restaurants are classed as Veg/Non-Veg and Pure Veg. Veg/Non-Veg restaurants serve a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, while Pure Veg restaurants are obviously purely vegetarian.
  • Most food here is not very hot – madras, vindaloo and phaahl curries have not been available so far.