Firefox and Shatner

Firefox rocks! I am moving to using this browser full-time, it is excellent – fast, efficient, and more attractive than IE, with built-in Google search, the ability to add new search engines, tabbed browsing, and lots more. I don’t know if it’s using Firefox or something else, but my laptop seems to be working like a dream at the moment, which almost makes up for all the blue screens I’ve had lately.

I also just bought the latest William Shatner album, produced by Ben Folds, and it is a work of genius. Shatner can take the piss out of himself, but also writes some touching lyrics, and with the music of Ben Folds, it’s a great piece of work.

One week left at LU. Five days, two of which at least are likely to be started with thumping hangovers after my leaving do on Wednesday and another on Thursday… ah well, I’ll have all the time in the world to kip from next weekend. I’m not rubbing that in at all but, well, OK, I am.

2 thoughts on “Firefox and Shatner”

  1. Yo Mozilla rules. IE is dead, long live Firefox! I’m definitely operating faster on firefox too. I used to have a console game called a Firefox; bit like Astroids. That was a tough game.


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