The moon was full and fat. It shone down on the lake, reflections sparkling on the waves that gently lapped on the shore. The crater walls lay back in the soft grey light. Frogs chimed an epic chorus further down the bank. Fireflies winked lazily in the grass. We sat on a wooden bench by the water, the night cool.

This would be the perfect time to ask her to marry me, I thought.

This would be the perfect time for him to ask me to marry him, she thought.

But I’d left the ring at home.

So last Sunday, back at home, clutching a mug of tea, with sleep in my eyes, I asked her. I actually asked her twice, because the first time I asked her, she said “are you serious?”. On one knee, I told her how I felt, and asked her again. This time I had the ring as well.

She said yes.

Next time you’re going to a lake, for crying out loud take a ring.