Ellora and Ajanta

Me at the Kailash temple
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Well, a quick two-day trip up to Aurangabad, and I’m back in Mumbai. I’ve just been up to see the rock-cut caves of Ellora and the carvings and paintings of Ajanta – all very impressive indeed, though hard work in the afternoon sun, and the souvenir sellers at Ajanta were persistent enough to merit a minor loss of sense of humour on my part. When will these people realise that saying no fifteen times does not mean I’ll say yes the sixteenth time?

Anyhoo, it was my very great pleasure to meet a cool couple from New York, Andrew and Randy (hi guys). We hung out together for our time in Aurangabad, and wandered Aurangabad one evening looking for a beer, which we found in the rather surreal Food Lovers restaurant – this place was part beach cafe, part store room, part aquarium shop, and all weird.

I’ve uploaded a few more pics onto Flickr, but more will have to wait yet again as the Internet’s a bit slow in this place.

Next stop – Jaipur in Rajasthan, I leave tomorrow evening. Time to go camel trekking before seeking some peace and quiet in the Himalayas… where is the time going?!

Oh and it’s viewer vote time – should I bother going to the Taj Mahal?!

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  1. You can’t come to India without seeing the Taj Nath! Believe me I did last time and have always regretted it! I have waited 10 years to come back and see it and I don’t intend to leave without doing so this time 🙂

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