The devastation around the Indian ocean in the wake of the earthquake earlier today looks to be massive – affecting, amongst other places, Tamil Nadu, one of my first stops on the trip, which starts next month. I’ve e-mailed a friend who’s volunteering in India at the moment based in Chennai – she was heading off to see family for the new year in Zimbabwe – to check she’s OK. What remains to be seen is whether this will affect the Aidcamp I’m attending, and indeed any other parts of the trip – many people have died in Tamil Nadu and even Kerala, and the damage is massive. I’ve already had an e-mail from the charity I’m volunteering with, to say that the itinerary will be changing, but that they don’t yet have the full picture.

3 thoughts on “Earthquake”

  1. This f**cking sucks (pardon my french). 3 times the casualties of 9/11 already. Mother nature is a bitch. I’m going no where near a fault line next boxing day (Iran 2003, Asia 2004, San Andreas 2005?)!

  2. Sorry – to begin with, I made a rather stupid comment about how it was unlikely that Americans would be invading anyone over this, unlike 9/11. It’s totally different so that’s just me being an ass and looking for any excuse to have a dig at Americans.

    The BBC are this morning suggesting that 15,000 people have been killed.

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