Booked it!

Give it a woo, and a yay, and a seriously loud COME ON!! I’ve bought my ticket!

The itinerary is this:

  • London to Mumbai
  • Mumbai overland to Delhi (while in India I’ll be volunteering with Aidcamps, seeing Rach in Chennai, and checking out Kerala, Goa, Agra and Varanasi)
  • Delhi to Hong Kong (from here I’ll be jetting up to Shanghai to see the Babes)
  • Hong Kong to Bangkok (here I’ll check out Thailand and get a flight up to Hanoi)
  • Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Sydney (Sydney to see Anna and Prue, and check out Oz)
  • Sydney to Christchurch (overland up New Zealand from here to Auckland, maybe on the Magic Bus?)
  • Auckland to Papeete (Tahiti baby!)
  • Papeete to Easter Island (to check out those big freaky statues and eat some choccy eggs)
  • Easter Island to Santiago (to eat some chile in Chile!)
  • Santiago to Lima (Peru is where Paddington Bear came from so I’m looking for bears, and I also hope to do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, see the Nazca Lines and maybe on into Bolivia)
  • Lima to Quito (Ecuador’s capital)
  • Quito to Miami (bienvenido a Miami!)
  • Miami to New York (start spreadin’ the news….)
  • New York to London!

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