Back to it

Kate’s funeral was last Wednesday. I got back from India in time to spend some time with her and the family before she died. It’s only just sinking in that she’s gone – we love her and miss her very much.

With the funeral done, it’s time to get ready to continue the trip. I’m flying back out to Delhi on May 21, for a couple of days, then heading on to Hong Kong, and into China. I’ll be in Delhi just long enough to recover from jet lag and no doubt experience another minor bout of culture shock, having only just readjusted to life in the UK. Most of the time I’ve been here it’s felt a bit weird, a bit alien, like I wasn’t entirely at home, all exacerbated by the situation with Kate. My backpack never got fully unpacked, and now I feel ready, keen, to get going again.

More soon, until then it’s time for some mini-reunions with friends here.

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