Being in nature does you good

Mossy green woodland floor with conifer trees towering overhead

Once more, for those at the back: Prescriptions encouraging people to spend more time in nature are linked to reduced blood pressure and improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms, according to new analysis. Prescribed time in nature linked to improvements in anxiety, depression and blood pressure I wrote about the various benefits of being in …

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Taking a break from social

A frog peering out from under a weed-covered pond

I’m taking April off from social media. Maybe longer, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I mainly mean that I’m taking a break from Twitter and Instagram. I gave up on Facebook a few years ago, maintaining an account with no ‘friend’ connections so that I could admin pages or access groups. Facebook is …

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Wild garlic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sang Andy Williams. In my mind, he’s singing about April when spring is springing and the wild garlic is out. One of the ultimate seasonal foods, there in abundance in the right places (moist conditions in acidic soils of humus-rich woodland with dappled sunlight) right now, soon …

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