The moon was full and fat. It shone down on the lake, reflections sparkling on the waves that gently lapped on the shore. The crater walls lay back in the soft grey light. Frogs chimed an epic chorus further down the bank. Fireflies winked lazily in the grass. We sat on a wooden bench by …

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I’ve really enjoyed being able to take and post so many pictures of Ghana looking beautiful. It is a beautiful place. So it’s a shame about places like this. This is close to where I live and work during the week. Crap. A whole pile of crap. With a cow topping. Children defecate here, then the cows come …

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What am I doing here?

….it’s a fair question….and it occurs to me that I haven’t written about the projects that I’m working on since they were confirmed. This took several weeks and I have been hindered by lack of internet since then, hence radio silence. That aside here is a brief summary of what I’m doing here: 1 – …

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Bl**dy massive snake!

I know, I know….no posts from me for ages and then 2 in 1 day! So….a few weeks ago we’re driving between villages and the driver suddenly slams on the brakes and reverses. He points across into a field and there before us is a bl**dy massive snake! The driver thought it was probably some …

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Ants and flaming taxis

I must be settling in to this house – I’ve gone from killing the ants that constantly patrol the kitchen sink to trying to engage them in conversation. Living in a tropical climate means sharing your home with things that scurry. Outside, lizards scatter at your every move. Inside, cockroaches and ants seem to know …

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Don’t do this.

Amusing as this might be, it’s pretty much a lesson in how not to use a water pump. They break when treated like this.