So I ordered 8 84 litre boxes from Staples for the move (when we go away we’re also moving out). Each of the boxes came in a box, so that’s 16 boxes. 1,344 litres. I don’t think I own that many litres. This many boxes, you have to make a fort, so I made a …

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African food champ

Fran Osseo-Asare, founder of Betumi, champions African food. Fran’s Betumi Blog has masses of info on African food and you can follow @Betumi on Twitter. I want some of that palmnut soup. Betumi discovered via Ethan Zuckerman.

You don’t need vaccinations for Blackpool

I went to my local medical practice today, to get vaccinations for the trip. I had a pretty good idea what I needed, but was advised to go to the pharmacy around the corner from the surgery to check. “I’d like to check what vaccinations I need to go to Ghana, please”, I said to …

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