I’m in Suffolk. Have moved three tonnes of crap. Very much in need of 1) More shelving, 2) A car boot sale, 3) The ability to get rid of things I don’t need.

Hangovers and packing

My time in London is now coming to a close, and travelling seems just that bit closer, with a sudden panic over changes of address, packing, visas, plans for next year… things feel like they’re coming to a head a bit, and suddenly my settled existence in Arundel Close is nearly over and it’s brought …

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Grumpy old man

I left the house this morning in fine fettle, to drop my car off for an MOT and service. Got to have it ship shaped ready to sell before the trip. Well ship shaped would be a miracle with a Fiesta, but you get my drift. Anyway, it’s been one of those mornings where events …

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The Da Vinci Code

This article on Empire Online reveals that Tom Hanks has been cast in the part of Robert Langdon in Ron Howard’s upcoming film version of the Da Vinci Code – not a big surprise. Even though Robert Langdon is described as ‘Harrison Ford in Harris Tweed’ in the book, Ford’s knocking on a bit. Even …

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Relaxation just got stressful

Well, I just timed it – it would seem it takes precisely a week of doing nothing much before I start climbling the walls with boredom. Good job I have to move out next week, or I’d run the risk of serious muscle and brain atrophy.

All done

Strange… I didn’t have to go in to work this morning. I am, however, for the benefit of anyone who thinks I’m now doing nothing more than watching daytime TV and eating cookies, getting lots done. I’ve got visas, vaccinations, Wizwow work, letters, cleaning, packing, and washing up to sort! Busy busy! I’ve already discovered …

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