MoiI am based in London but can and do work anywhere, via the web or at a client’s premises.

I’ve worked for the last fifteen years in the not for profit, public and humanitarian sectors in a range of roles focusing on communications, training and business transformation. I have recently started working in the environment sector. I work with organisations that do good.


I have developed and delivered projects in the UK and internationally ranging from digital service delivery to change management and from youth development to community engagement.

I’d like to think I ‘get’ people; where they’re coming from, what they need. I’m sensitive to the emotions of others and enjoy helping people to express themselves. I’ve learned this from studying counselling and teaching and training people from board level executives to young adults with special needs.

I have worked on highly pressurised and unpredictable projects and been seen as a ‘safe pair of hands’ in such situations. I’ve enjoyed working with teams to bring calm, humour and control to chaotic situations. I’ve dealt with technically complex projects and fiddly organisational change, working closely with and motivating teams and addressing issues such as morale, focus and good communication.

Now I spend a bit less time online and a lot more time outside, working in conservation and countryside management with volunteers and communities.

I am available for projects small and large, and ad-hoc roles.

Find me on LinkedIn.

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